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Do you need a website but don't know how to go about making one?
Do you have the knowledge to make a website, but not the time to service it?
Then Website Services by Show Me Enterprises is here to help!

I can offer you a complete service package from as little as $100 (Canadian currency) per page and $4/month for everything!

That includes:

  • Registering your domain name
  • Setting up a hosting account
  • Pointing your domain name to your hosting account
  • Designing a logo and web page
  • Adding text (content) to your website pages
  • Ensuring that your pages are optimized for the search engines (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND OFTEN OVERLOOKED!)
  • Ensuring that your website code validates under current web standards
  • Uploading your website pages to the server
  • Updating your website as required up to twice per year

Large corporate sites will usually have at least a team of 3 people (a graphic artist, a coder, and a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist) working on a website. Often there are teams for each of the disciplines, plus linguists and advertising specialists. As you can imagine, those web sites will cost thousands of dollars!

My website services are aimed at the budget-minded.

If you require a forum, blog, photo gallery or other scripted program, I will add these for a reasonable fee. The monthly charge will increase based on the complexity of installation and maintenance requirements. Scripted programs are susceptible to hacking and need to be updated as vulnerabilities are identified. Sometimes this can be quite frequently!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions. Advice is always free!

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